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This is an online version of that great old game "Battleship!", enhanced with sound effects and better graphics. You'll have to be either lucky, or good, or both to beat this one. The 'hunting' routine used to find you and blow you out of the water is pretty aggressive, so don't count on doing any victory dances just yet. If you do manage to win, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

The rules to "Battleship!" are available here, but the game is simple: you shoot into the enemy's territory, probing for his ships. The Evil Computer is doing the same thing, only probably more methodically than you. It's a combination of luck, strategy, and skill.

When you're ready to do battle, turn up the sound and click the 'Play Battleship!' button. Good luck, Admiral- you're going to need it. (Unfortunately, the sounds only work in Internet Explorer.)

Be patient; it may take a moment for the sounds to load.

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