Battleship! Rules

Battleship is based on a game played by radio operators during WW2, designed as a way to test radio transmissions, and bypass Japanese intelligence.

Every player has eleven ships:
  • 1 Battleship, covering 5 squares on the grid
  • 2 Cruisers, each covering 4 squares on the grid
  • 4 Destroyers, each covering 3 squares on the grid
  • 4 Minesweepers, each covering 2 squares on the grid
Placement of Ships
Ships are automatically placed on the grid. If you don't like the placement of your ships (seen on the right-side grid), refresh your browser until you see an arrangement that suits you.

The Board Display
When a ship is partially damaged, a fire is displayed on the square on which the damaged section of the ship is located. When all of a player's ships are sunk, he loses the game.