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BlockBomb is an infuriating little game where you battle the computer for space on the playing board. The rules are simple and listed below; be sure to read them or the computer will whip your butt every time.

BlockBomb Game Rules
You win BlockBomb by getting rid of the the computer's red tokens. When you or the computer doesn't have any boxes left with your color token in them, the game has been won. Here are the basic rules:
  1. A player can only put a token in an empty box or a box which has already one or more tokens of his color in it.
  2. A player's token can only be eliminated if the other player's token explodes in the box next to his.
  3. When a box is full, and another token is put in, it will explode.

    • A box in the corner is 'full' when 1 token has been placed in it
    • A box on the edge is 'full' when 2 tokens have been placed in it
    • A box somewhere else is 'full' when 3 have been placed in it
To put it a different way, a box will explode when there are as many tokens in it as it has neighbors. If (for example) you explode into your opponent's box, you will gain your opponent's tokens in that box plus the token that exploded into it. If the computer had 2 red tokens in that box, after the explosion you would have 3 blue tokens.

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