How to Play Carom

Collect all of the gems (yellow diamonds) in the fewest number of moves. There are 20 levels of play.

Use the green ball to collect the gems. The challenge is to maneuver it so that all of the gems can be collected. Click the arrow pointers to move the ball up, down, left, or right.

The other movable piece is the green block. The ball can't move through the block, so you use it to make the ball "bounce" in another direction. You won't use the block until Level 3, but in the upper levels, you'll need it to get to all of the gems. Click on "Switch Piece" to switch between moving the ball and the block.

Sometimes, you might get stuck, or simply wish to start a level over again. Just click "Restart" to start the level over again, and each playing piece will return its original position. To jump to another level, click the left (higher) or right (lower) Levels arrows. If you forget the rules while you're playing, click the "Rules" button for a summary.

Carom isn't a point-based game. But the higher levels are really challenging, and anyone who can finish all of the levels of Carom is winner!

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