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Here's a short list of some of our favorite Flash games. Want even more great Flash Games? Visit our friends at 123Game.net to play over 1,000 Flash Games! They've got all the games you know and love together in one place.

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Some Sites We Like...
  • StupidStuff.ORG - A lot of really silly stuff. We love these guys- they're your "one-stop-shop" for humor mixed with insanity.

  • QuotationNation.com - If you ever need to know who said what, this the *the* place to go. Over 30,000 quotations, all fully searchable. Yowza.

  •  The Death Psychic! - Ever wonder how you're gonna die? The Death Psychic knows, and he'll tell you....

  •  He Male Or She Male? - Can you tell which are which? Some of these are women, some are guys who just like to look like women.

  •  The Pregnancy Tester - Online Pregnancy Test. Uh-oh, you're pregnant, and look who the father is!

  •  The Shape & Color Test - The Original Crazy Personality Test, now better than ever!

  • QuickTrivia.com - We love trivia and this site is one of the best. No pop-up ads or junk like that, just great, fast-playing trivia!

  • JokerBot.com - A million, billion good jokes. Okay, maybe not a million billion, but there's a whole lot of 'em there.

  • DiscoverSeattle.net - You gotta see the "Emergency Coffee Locator" thingy these guys have. It's just cool.

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