How Do I Choose The Right Slatted Mattress Frame

How Do I Choose The Right Slatted Mattress Frame


This is the part you will spend most of your time with. The degree of hardness in relation to the slatted frame is crucial. Discover how to choose the right firmness:

Slatted frame for spring mattresses

The spring slatted frame is only suitable for spring mattresses. Of course, everyone can decide for themselves what they want to sleep on. However, you should know that this bed base is not at all suitable for foam or latex mattresses.

Here you have the choice between 2 types of springs, but the best one is the pocket spring core. In combination with a pocket spring mattress, your sleeping surface is soft and yet slightly supportive.

However, it has some weaknesses. Not recommended for allergy sufferers and back problems, as this slatted frame is not very firm.

Classic roller slatted frame

It is the most popular and therefore best-selling solution on the market. There are two types of this slatted frame.

Discover the characteristics of each one to choose the ideal slatted frame:

  • The slatted frame with fixed slats or slats without suspension guarantees an incomparable firmness, ideal for people with back pain. However, it does not have much elasticity to offer.
  • The adjustable slatted frame or hinged frame offers greater sleeping comfort than the fixed slatted frame. There are versions of this slatted frame that have firmness sliders to adjust the level of support at different parts of the body.

Fixed or flexible, the slatted base is perfect for a latex mattress. Choose firm slats for a firm lying surface and tend to use flexible slats if you want more flexibility.

Plate slatted frame

The choice of a plate slatted frame is usually associated with electric relax beds. It is equipped with multi directional rubber fins made of flexible plastic and adapts to all your movements.

With independent bolts it offers you point-elastic support. This type of slatted frame is suitable for people with lumbar problems, those who lie on their side and, in general, for people looking for maximum comfort.

People who tend to sweat at night will particularly appreciate this model because of its ideal ventilation. It is an excellent base for memory foam mattresses with a shape or high load capacity, but also a good base for latex mattresses.

Box spring slatted frame

It is a wooden frame covered with fabric. In short, a box spring is a classic slatted frame where the slats are hidden.

The latter improves the quality of reception and extends the life of the box spring and mattress. You can choose from 3 categories. First, the extra flat box spring, which is embedded in a bed wood.

Then there is the classic box spring, which can be mounted on legs. Finally there is the shell version, which holds the mattress securely.

With this type of box spring it loses its ventilation quality. If you are still interested in the box spring, then choose the slatted or padded box spring.

Relax slatted frame

This type of slatted frame makes it possible to lift the head or feet, depending on the needs of the user. It is ideal for people with breathing difficulties or poor circulation.

As far as the adjustment is concerned, you will find manually adjustable or electric. Consisting of a fixed frame, two slats and two mattresses, it offers total dependence on sleep.

This slatted frame is usually combined with a foam mattress (high spring force or memory form) or ideally with a latex mattress.


The choice of box spring depends on the size of your mattress, as it must have the same dimensions.

If for some reason you do not know the size of the mattress or if you buy the box spring mattress for sale online, take one that is 20 cm larger than the size of the largest occupant.

Of course there are simple versions and box spring for couples, and you will easily find the sizes you need.


This is more about personal taste than anything else. For your information, keep in mind that the higher the bed is, the easier it is to sleep and the better the mattress ventilation.

However, do not be fooled by this. Remember to compare the height of your mattress with the height of the bed frame before you make your decision.

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