Installing a Ceiling Fan

Installing a Ceiling Fan

Setting up a ceiling fan can look like a complicated task; nevertheless, you will certainly locate that if all the circuitry is in location, mounting a ceiling follower must be rather simple. Listed below you will locate some important info in relation to setting up a ceiling follower. Prior to getting started there are some products you might wish to take into consideration.

The size as well as design of the fan you select will be very vital relative to mounting a ceiling fan. In order to select the correct fan, you’ll need to understand the dimension of the area, in addition to the sort of ceiling you have.

Some people have vaulted ceilings which can make it challenging for setting up a ceiling fan of a larger size. It will certainly additionally make it challenging to place the fan correctly if your ceiling is risen. Once you have chosen the proper type of follower for your ceiling, it will certainly be time to get going. With this tutorial of mounting a ceiling fan, if you have actually never set up a lights fixture previously, you’ll intend to pay very close attention to the instructions listed below.

Setting Up a Ceiling Follower


1. Turn off the power – This is possibly one of the most important step when it concerns getting rid of or setting up electrical fixtures. It will be very important that you follow this procedure as closely as feasible. Do not simply shut off the light switch that manages the light. You will want to shut off the breaker that regulates the light in the area you intend on installing a ceiling fan.

2. Getting rid of the old light – This procedure needs to be performed in the middle of the day so you can open your blinds or window shades in order to allow for adequate light. Depending on the type of fixture you’re mosting likely to remove, it’s a matter of disassembling your old component as well as removing it from the light electric box. Click here to read Tower Fans buying guides.

3. Disconnecting the wires – You wish to make certain that you disconnect the cords from the old assembly, however see to it you marked each cord regarding its correct area. This will certainly make it less complicated when installing a ceiling follower.

4. Inspect the old electrical box – Make sure the electrical box that is currently set up can take care of the fan weight as well as is mounted to either a truss, or a cross brace. This will make certain that when you mount your brand-new fan that it will have a proper foundation in order to work properly. If for one reason or another your electric box is not mounted appropriately, it will certainly be important for you to get the right electric box and installing support. When setting up a ceiling fan weight will be a crucial element, choose intelligently.

Mounting a Ceiling Follower


Prior to getting started on mounting a ceiling follower, make certain you review the instructions that feature your brand-new follower. You will be amazed at exactly how conveniently you will remember this details during the installation process. Make certain you have actually every little thing outlined in a way that you can select each product as you move along.

5. Installing a ceiling follower installing brace – The first thing you want to do is mount the new placing bracket onto the electrical box. This installing bracket is what will really hold the brand-new follower.

6. Utilize the functioning hook – Due to the weight of a ceiling follower electric motor, the makes are cognizant that you can’t hold the ceiling follower electric motor in one hand and secure the circuitry with the various other. So they have actually made something that’s called a “functioning hook”, which enables you to hang the fan electric motor responsible while you are assembling the electrical wiring.

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