Teenage Girls and Dangerous Cosmetics

Teenage Girls and Dangerous Cosmetics

Many individuals are not mindful that many big-name brand names of cosmetics have ingredients that are incredibly suspect. Currently, a brand-new research study has advised concerning harmful cosmetics as well as the impacts that these items can have on teenage girls.

Sadly the cosmetics that many of us use are packed with components that we truly ought not to be placed on our faces. For instance, a recent study of huge brand name lipsticks showed that over 50% of the lipsticks evaluated consisted of lead.

Lead? Is it possible that we the public are unwittingly making use of cosmetics like lipstick which contain lead? Yes, it is. It’s a depressing reality that the FDA doesn’t control cosmetics, or for that matter skin care or anti-aging items like it regulates medicines.

And also yet for those of us using cosmetics we are putting them into our systems as if they were medications. When you apply a cosmetic product like lipstick or a flush or a rouge some of that product ends up inside of us.

That’s because our skin is permeable and what we put onto it takes in and ends up in our bodies instead of simply on our skin. Creams, for instance, are rubbed in a varnish. Where do they go yet right into our system? OK if they are harmless, however, what happens if they’re not?

And currently, current research has actually called into question whether it’s risk-free for our teenage girls to use some cosmetics. I’ll quote from the website of the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics which sums up the outcomes plainly.

” Lab tests disclose adolescent women across America are infected with chemicals commonly utilized in cosmetics as well as body treatment products.”

That’s scary. It worsens and makes distressing reading for any type of parent of a teen who uses cosmetics regularly, and also who doesn’t? The majority of actually use more than the typical woman.

The Environmental Working Team found chemicals from 4 different families of chemicals (phthalates, parabens, triclosan, and musks) in the pee of women between the ages of 14 as well as 20 that were checked in the study.

A few of these chemicals were found in the urine of every single woman checked.

The teenage years, obviously, are a time when the growing female body is growing quickly and handling hormone changes, and also women of this age do not intend to be filling their bodies with potentially toxic chemicals. Visit https://www.facebook.com/shoptemu natural health-natural skin care and find out more about natural skin care products.

The chemicals evaluated are taken into consideration to be hormonal agent-altering chemicals, and so it elevates some questions about the ramifications of teenage girls utilizing cosmetics and also skin treatment products and additionally perhaps acne treatments where there is a good chance they could be packing their systems with these chemicals.

No one truly knows, we’re going into an unidentified location, and also the effects on future health and also in particular hormonal and also reproductive wellness is entirely unknown.

Regardless, do we want our children to take these unknown threats with typical cosmetics and also skin care, and various other personal and also body care items? No, they require to use Safe Cosmetics

It’s a matter of serious worry for anybody. However, there are solutions. There are very good companies that have actually dedicated themselves to making natural cosmetics and natural skin care items that do not include dangerous chemicals. They work incredibly well and also don’t reveal our children to the risks inherent in mainstream cosmetics.